Navigating an illness

A few things that might help

  • Mar262021
    Cancer survivor

    What not to say to someone with cancer

    Bec Pene is a young wife and mum based in Sydney, Australia.  She is also a breast cancer survivor and…

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  • Jun062018
    cancer care recipe

    Food for thought

    Sometimes it’s hard to know what to give someone who is unwell with cancer or a serious illness. Nourishing homemade food can be a thoughtful and helpful gift to give someone who is unwell.

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  • Jul172017
    Image of a cup of tea and cookies on a tray.

    A Thoughtful Gift For A New Mum – The Ultimate Caring Cookie Recipe

    Recipe’s should always be shared. These white chocolate & cranberry cookies are easy to make and the perfect gift for someone who needs a little TLC. Enjoy!

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  • Mar212017
    It's about us, featured by The Grace Files

    How writing clears the mind…

    it’s about us is a free digital scrapbook for anyone affected by cancer. It is all about helping those who have been affected by cancer.

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  • Feb272017
    Care + Notes, a journal by The Grace Files

    An Essential Accompaniment For People Diagnosed With Cancer or Coping With Chemo Brain

    Why I (Cancer Nurse Rach) think the Care + Notes journal is an essential accompaniment for people with cancer.

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  • Feb232017
    An image of a person writing in their The Grace Files Care + Notes journal, a helpful tool for those coping with chemo brain

Chemo Brain And Six Tips To Help You Deal With It

    Brain fogginess otherwise known as ‘Chemo Brain’ is an unfortunate side effect of chemotherapy. Rachael Hayes shares some tips on how to manage Chemo Brain.

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  • Feb212017
    How to use Care + Notes

    A Childhood Touched by Cancer

    When you are unwell with a chronic illness or perhaps going through chemotherapy, it is often hard to remember things – Care + Notes can become a helpful companion.

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