A Thoughtful Gift For A New Mum – The Ultimate Caring Cookie Recipe

Image of a cup of tea and cookies on a tray.

In a world of pre-made and pre-packaged, a little something that is home baked can feel like a warm hug.  When someone you care for is going through a difficult time, turning up on their doorstep with a hug and some warm cookies is a beautiful way to show support in a very tangible way. […]

Parenting without guilt… could this be a solution?

Image of a potential solution towards parenting without guilt - The Grace Files Life + Notes health journal open at the welcome page

Parenting without guilt – does it exist? When you have children, you seem to open your heart to being beaten about by something called parental guilt. I’ve been there many times and I have no doubt you have too. It’s just part of the job description. “I am yet to meet a parent (especially mothers) […]

A Mother’s Letter To Her Daughters

Image showing a mother holding her young daughter representing a moving blog post showcasing a mother's letter to her daughter

Are you a mother considering writing a letter to your daughters or sons? There is something beautiful about a parent handwriting a letter to their child. In a busy world, it requires taking time to be still, sit quietly and contemplate memories of and dreams for your child. Immersing yourself in the feelings you have […]