• Mar222017
    Image showing a mother holding her young daughter representing a moving blog post showcasing a mother's letter to her daughter

    A Mother’s Letter To Her Daughters

    Georgie Abay from The Grace Tales wrote a letter to her daughters at a time when life is fast, technology is embraced & often the handwritten word is lost.

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  • Feb272017
    Care + Notes, a journal by The Grace Files

    An Essential Accompaniment For People Diagnosed With Cancer or Coping With Chemo Brain

    Why I (Cancer Nurse Rach) think the Care + Notes journal is an essential accompaniment for people with cancer.

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  • Feb232017
    An image of a person writing in their The Grace Files Care + Notes journal, a helpful tool for those coping with chemo brain

Chemo Brain And Six Tips To Help You Deal With It

    Brain fogginess otherwise known as ‘Chemo Brain’ is an unfortunate side effect of chemotherapy. Rachael Hayes shares some tips on how to manage Chemo Brain.

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