Love + Life Kindness Kit

$ 95.79

Designed to comfort and delight new mothers and babies, this special baby gift includes:

• Life + Notes journal
• Love Letters to My Child journal
• Mama Maya organic muslin swaddling wrap

Our Kindness Kits come beautiful gift boxed and are gifts of the finest quality products, made with care to last. Each product has been carefully chosen to nurture those you love.

  • Keeping your child’s health records, milestones and stories in the Life+Notes journal helps you stay organised and becomes a handwritten legacy of your love and care.
  • Journaling to your child in the Love Letters to My Child journal creates a handwritten story of their childhood – a love letter from you to them.
  • Mama Maya organic muslin swaddling wraps are generously sized, beautifully finished, soft and breathable. Mama Maya donates one birthing kit to women in developing countries for every wrap sold.

A beautiful keepsake like the Love + Life Kindness Kit makes the perfect new baby gift, and there are plenty of other simple yet thoughtful things that you can do if you are heading out to visit a new mother:

  • Offer to wash some dishes or fold some laundry
  • Cook a fresh meal to take over – finding time to cook with a screaming newborn in your arms is incredibly challenging
  • Offer to take any siblings out to the park for an hour to give the new parents some time alone with the new baby
  • Ask if they’d like you to take some family photos on their phone – it’s hard to get a moment to capture those first few weeks on camera in the haze of sleepless nights and nappy changes

Wondering what to do on your first visit to new parents? This article ‘Ten rules for visiting a new parent’ offers some great suggestions and etiquette for those early visits.

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Life + Notes

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Love Letters To My Child

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Journal Embossing

Our journals can be personalised using a technique called foil stamping ( or debossing ). This hand crafted technique allows us to create a beautiful gift that will be treasured for years to come. You can personalise using the first name only, or full name. Both look equally lovely.

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