Your child's life
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Never lose track of their important health details

Life + Notes

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How do you keep track of your child’s health?

Eighteen years is the span of a childhood yet it goes in a flash and all those vivid moments fade into vague stories – was it Henry who had chickenpox or Cooper? Was it Grace who had a tetanus shot when she trod on that rusty nail at the park?

The Life + Notes journal is a baby record book that helps you stay organised and keep note of immunisations, illnesses, growth and developmental milestones. There’s also space to record proud moments and love letters to your child on every birthday.

From birth to leaving home, with the Life + Notes journal, your child’s health information will be in safe hands – your hands.

  • Change doctors or move house without worrying about losing a complete and detailed record of your child’s health information.
  • Build your child’s sense of self by demonstrating that their health, growth and development matter.
  • Give your child a precious gift when they leave home – their own handwritten health history in the form of a baby record book that will become a tangible symbol of your love and care.
  • Our journals are A5 in size; Care + Notes has 111 pages.
  • They are section sewn: they will lay flat when you write in them.
  • They are covered in a premium linen cloth: Care + Notes is a dark navy linen.
  • Each journal includes beautiful photography.
  • Care + Notes has clearly defined tabs for ease of use.
  • Each journal comes with the option of a beautiful light grey box. The box is equally as lovely as the journals, making it a wonderful gift for cancer patients or those going through a long illness or hospitalisation.

We hope you love our Care + Notes journals as much as we do.

We value others so 10% of The Grace Files profits goes towards supporting worthy causes. A special blog will be posted each quarter highlighting who we have supported. We love to give back.

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Buying a gift for cancer patients or someone who has been diagnosed with a serious illness is a wonderful way to show you care, but there are plenty of other things you can do to show that you are thinking of them throughout their treatment.

Keep in touch:
Many people visit and show support when someone first announces an illness, but as the day-to-day business of life goes on, the number of well wishers often dwindle even though the illness is still there.
Simply sending a ‘thinking of you’ card, a supportive text message or dropping by for a cup of tea can be enough to get someone through another round of treatment or another day of pain.

Offer concrete help:
Offer to help with small things such as a little tidying, taking a dog for a walk or picking a child up from school. Be specific about the offer. Many people will be too polite to follow up with a request if you simply say, ‘let me know if you need any help’.

Recreate precious moments:
If someone is bed ridden or unable to travel far due to intensive treatments, they may be missing favourite movies, beauty spots or shared outings. Think about how you can re-create those moments by their bedside or near their home using mementos or video.

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Journal Embossing

Our journals can be personalised using a technique called foil stamping ( or debossing ). This hand crafted technique allows us to create a beautiful gift that will be treasured for years to come. You can personalise using the first name only, or full name. Both look equally lovely. Limited to 14 characters.

Luxury Keepsake Box

Our keepsake boxes are not only a beautiful way to gift box your journal, but they are also a place to keep small things that are close to your heart. Baby memento’s from hospital, photographs or cards you want to keep forever.