Ubuntu Mama Candle

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The Ubuntu Mama candle was created to give people the most beautiful scent in their homes, but at the same time, help support the education of children in Africa via So They Can.


All profits from the sale of these candles go directly to So They Can. It’s a beautiful way to help support vulnerable children.


These candles are particularly special – the word LOVE on the candle box was originally written by The Grace Files sponsor child, Grace, in a letter to me. When I saw it, I instantly knew her words and beautiful handwriting had to be shared in a way that would give back to the children who are so deserving of our love and care from afar.


The scent evokes the softness of the relationship between mother & child and the words on the candle encourage us to be ‘Ubuntu Mamas’ – Ubuntu being an African philosophy of ‘we can only be human together.’

The instinct to care for children who are not our own is the essence of Ubuntu.


The quote on the candle says:

‘The problem with the world is that we draw the circle of our family too small.’ { Mother Teresa}


Our hope is that every time you light your Ubuntu Mama candle,  you’re reminded of the fact that you’re drawing the circle of your family just that little bit larger.  It’s small things like this that will indeed help change the world as we help educate & nourish our most vulnerable children.


Candle Details:

185g candle

Matt white glass jar

Box and jar labels in blush pink with gold foil

The scent is soft & soothing and in the words of one gentleman whose wife purchased a candle, ‘this is by far the best candle she has ever brought home.’  High praise!


Thank you for your support of this project.

Janelle x



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