Mindfulness Candle Set

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Mindfulness candles – 20 minute burn time

Whilst similar to our Intention Candles which have a 10 minute burn time each, these Mindfulness Candles burn longer at 20 minutes each and can be a meaningful tool as you either begin, or increase the time you journal, meditate, pray or set your intentions on paper.  This box comes with a brass candle stand and five beautiful hand dipped candles – all made in Japan.


Here’s how to make your intention a ritual:

Prepare your space

  • find a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed
  • set yourself up with whatever brings you joy – tea, coffee, water, flowers, favourite chair etc
  • have your journal & pen ready
  • light the candle and write your heart out


Reflect & conclude

  • when the candle burns out, finish your last thought or sentence
  • take a moment to read over what you’ve written, if you feel comfortable doing so
  • reflect on any insights or patterns you noticed in your writing


Tips for effective candle journaling

  • consistency – try to journal at the same time each day to build a habit
  • comfort – ensure your environment is comfortable and conducive to reflection. This might include a cozy chair, soft lighting and minimal distractions
  • mindfulness – treat this time as a mindfulness exercise. Focus on the present moment and be gentle with yourself, avoiding judgement about what you write.
  • curiosity – be openly curious about what you write because sometimes we don’t truly know how we’re feeling until we write it down


The Intention set includes:

  • 5 hand-dipped Haze candles (with a burn time of 20 minutes each)
  • solid brass candle stand, handmade in Japan
  • a brief introduction to Intention with a step-by-step guide to getting started
  • a gift box
  • dimensions of each candle is 10 x 70mm (DxH)
  • candles made of Haze tree wax
  • wick is made of 100% cotton


The Haze candles are handmade in Japan from botanical haze tree wax, a 100% plant-based wax made from the berries of the Japanese Hazenoki tree


Getting Started

Please note that due to the nature of the wax, a fine white film might accumulate on the surface of the candle. This is a naturally occurring effect that doesn’t affect the quality or burning of the candle, and can be easily wiped off.

Please use the brass candle stand to position the candle and catch any wax residue. Use hot water to wash off any wax from the candle stand.

Flame height

Please be aware that Japanese candles can produce a large flame thanks to the unique paper wick. Trim the wick if desired.

Candle Care

Place candle on candle stand
Place stand on heat-proof non-flammable base
Never leave a burning candle unattended


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