Desert Lime hand + Body moisturiser

$ 27.59

A deeply restorative & gentle moisturiser is hard to find, but this beautiful desert lime body and hand cream is the perfect answer to dry, parched & sensitive skin.


Desert lime is a native Australian tree that has been used by indigenous Australians for its revitalising and healing properties.

The result? A deeply nourishing anti-aging moisturiser that supports healthy skin and can be used to fight eczema too.



Repairs and revitalises the skin.

Helps retain skin moisture and softness.

Soft subtle scent which is suitable for people who are sensitive to strong scents.

Can be used for eczema and psoriasis.


This product is truly the best moisturiser the team at The Grace Files have tried which is why we’re so excited to bring it to you. Hand sanitiser is wonderful but it does take a toll on our hands so we recommend using this moisturiser before bed at night and let it work its magic while you’re resting.


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