We believe in the old saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.
People helping others in a supportive and safe community environment can be a wonderful thing. Shared experiences are not just problems halved, they can also be problems solved.

The Grace Files will soon be launching three closed Facebook groups for the purpose of support, sharing and learning.

Motherhood Forum - The Grace Files

coming soon

Motherhood Forum

We think mums helping mums is a beautiful thing. Whether it’s sharing journaling tips or simply asking how many more sleepless nights you’ll have until the baby sleeps through – this forum is designed to support and assist mums who like to be part of a community of caring people.

Carers Forum - The Grace Files

coming soon

Carer's Forum

We believe that being the carer or support person for someone going through cancer or a serious illness is an honour. We also understand that doing this can be stressful and tiring, and it can be a very lonely place. This forum is for the carers and supporters. It’s a place to talk about your experiences or share a problem and hopefully have it halved.

Get Well Forum - The Grace Files

coming soon

Get Well Forum

When you are navigating your way through cancer or a serious illness, it’s good to be reminded that you’re not alone. This closed forum is a private place to connect with others who are unwell and gain support from those who truly understand what you are going through.