Remembering Me – a baby bereavement keepsake book

‘All babies deserve a baby book.  Every day you think of your baby, every birthday you honour their memory.  They should have a baby book like any earth-side child does. They are and forever will be your baby and their precious memories complete your family’ {an excerpt from Harpermartin’s website}.

Every baby deserves a keepsake book dedicated to them.

There is nothing quite as magical as a baby.  From conception onwards, the anticipation, the love, the feelings…it’s all there.  Which makes it even more devastating when there is a problem – a miscarriage, a stillbirth or the passing of a little one due to SIDS.  The loss of a child can’t be put into words, which is potentially why it is so hard to talk about as well as so hard to know what to do when it happens to someone you love or care for.

Shaela from Harpermartin has created a beautiful way to honour and remember a little one who is no longer earth-side.  Her book ‘Remembering Me’ is a keepsake book designed to be a place where memories are kept, thoughts can be written down and milestones honoured.  Every child deserves a baby book and despite this one being for little ones who have tragically departed, it offers a way for parents to keep their memory alive.

Let me introduce you to what’s inside Remembering Me. This is actually a really hard thing to write about – it brings up so many conflicting emotions for me despite never having lost a little one.  When you are writing about something that brings people so much pain and anguish it is a sobering place to be.  I hope when I write, you can feel my heart despite the topic being so difficult.  I think this is why I love this book so much.  Shaela has created something so very beautiful and meaningful despite the fact it is addressing a topic that makes people so uncomfortable and sad.  As I flick through the pages I know that this is a book that respectfully and lovingly cares for parents going through such a difficult loss.  It’s a way for them to grieve, remember and cherish their little one after they’ve gone.

Inside ‘Remembering Me’

Inside this beautiful keepsake there are pages for:

The pregnancy – all the beautiful pregnancy details plus room for ultrasound and pregnancy photos.

The birth – date and time of birth, weight, length, eye and hair colour and the meaning of the little ones name.

There is a page for hand prints and foot prints as well as plenty of room for photos.

Saying goodbye – the songs, the people, the service and the resting place.

A page dedicated to remember and write a love letter to them on each birthday.

Holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 1st Christmas and 1st Easter – space for memories and thoughts.

There is also plenty of space for journaling memories, dreams and thoughts as well as adding photos.



Practical ways to support someone who has lost a child.

Don’t offer to help…just help.  Bring a meal or two and take the time to talk if they want to or just be there to share their tears and thoughts over coffee or wine.

Talk about the baby and their loss. It can be difficult because you don’t want to upset them, but by speaking their baby’s name and bringing the topic up in conversation, you’re giving them permission to lean on you and talk which can be so therapeutic.

Give them a beautiful memorial gift such as this book, or a journal to write  their thoughts in.  A special piece of jewellery engraved with their baby’s name or a  soft toy made out of their baby’s clothing – Keepsakes By Nicoleta is a beautiful example of this.  Something that shows you care and are honouring the little one who they lost.

Remember the difficult days like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and pop it in your calendar so you can remember special anniversaries such as their baby’s birthday for years to come.  A card or flowers on those days will mean the world to them.

I hope these suggestions are helpful if you ever have a loved one who is faced with losing a child.  Whilst nothing could ever take away their pain, being there as a supportive friend and willing listener will speak volumes. I think this book will always hold a very special place in the heart of someone who loses a child.  You can find Remembering Me here at Harper Martin’s website