why preserve?

Less sugar, more flavoursome than store-bought.

All natural. No hidden nasties. The satisfaction of making it yourself!


Less sugar, more flavoursome than store-bought. All natural. 

Welcome to The Mindful Maker Sydney kitchen!

We love preserving, and like nothing better than sharing hints, tips and recipes for all things ‘jamming’.

The QR code on your jam jar label is the only way to access this page so keep it handy and check back in when you need some jamming inspiration or a new recipe to try.

If you would like to learn how to make jam, we run regular preserving workshops in our Killara kitchen and if you haven’t been to one already, we’d love to welcome you to one!

We teach you how to safely prepare jars and lids for your preserves as well as how to preserve your favourite fruits – a skill you’ll have forever. You will be able to fill your pantry with preserves and always have a delicious gift on hand when you need it!